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The Twelve Laws of Santa Claus™ is a 66 page, full color illustrated book for everyone of any age by Christopher Hogan Lay.

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Peace, Love, and Joy are just the beginning as the book reveals guidelines to help bring Christmas Spirit to the world all year long from the iconic and benevolent sage.

Intended to inspire children from 3 to 9 and their parents to share and discover the many ways to live a wonderful life.

Santa was chosen as a somewhat secular messenger for his ability to influence people of most any age or culture from around the globe.

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Christopher Hogan Lay is a children’s book author and illustrator, born and raised in the Southern United States. His intention is to create and inspire a greater dialogue between children and adults as to how to live one’s best life and become a better citizen in their community.

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Hoping to be able to write a larger piece of juvenile fiction of why Santa created the Claus Laws and wrote them into being.


The long term goal is to use the proceeds from the sale of this book to create a program to bring forth Peace, Love and Joy in the lives of children, every day of the year. Thank you. ~ CHL

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