The Golden Bed ~ Unknown

A famous king had made a guesthouse for other visiting royalty. The guesthouse was beautiful, even better than the palace and inside was a special bed made of pure gold.

The golden bed was made exactly five foot five inches. For the king, you see, was exactly five foot five inches. So the craftsmen made the bed exactly to fit a man who is five foot five inches. But not everyone is the same size.

Nobody had the courage to ask him, “What are you doing? Somebody may come who is six feet, and he will not find it comfortable on this bed.” But it was well known that if you asked this king anything he answered with his sword, your head would be cut off. You could not ask anything; his word was the law!

The first emperor who came as a guest loved the guesthouse. He regretted this later on, but by then it was too late. In the night four big wrestlers came in. Because he was six feet tall they had to push him from both ends to fit the bed. The emperor said, “What are you doing?”

The wrestlers said, “You have to fit with the bed.” The king had ordered, “Everybody has to fit the bed. If he is too long, push him in! If he is too short, make him longer! I have made a special bed of pure gold and you must make them fit!”

But because they could not manage to push him shorter they decided amongst themselves to cut off the emperor’s head in order to fit the bed perfectly. Afterwards, they told the king, “The guest is in absolute rest.” Two or three more visiting royals followed the same fate before the story spread and then no one came to visit with the king any more.

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