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Forgiveness ~ Kara Dioguardi/Leona Lewis/Salaam Remi

I don’t wanna spend another day,
Pointing fingers while I’m placing blame,
I’m no angel, imperfect myself, cos baby I am only human,
and I don’t wanna put it all on you,
I admit I did some painful things its true,
and I’m sorry for them, no making amends,
for always thinking I was innocent…

…I wish we could take back the things we said,
coz what we saids not always what we meant,
we lost our heads, in the moment,
and the words we used them like a weapon,
but no one wins if we both walk away,
and we hid behind the people we became,
we’re warmer than that, we’re better than that,
and i still cherish all the things we had,

Starting today, I’m gonna change,
don’t wanna make the same mistakes,
cos I can see a new horizon,
the ice around my heart is melting,
and the hurt I feel is slowly dying,
now I’m, no longer crying,
the bridge we burnt is being built again,
its leading to a new beginning,
and it may never be the way it was,
and thats because I’m talking about forgiveness,
forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness

If everybody could forgive and forget .. just forget
think of all the time that we could spend, being friends,
think about all the lives we could change,
and all the love we could make,
baby how the world would be a better place,
in the end, oooh,

~ Leona Lewis



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