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“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~ Japanese Proverb

Perseverance requires that you understand that sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack, back off of your goals, and just take care of yourself. Other times you need to give yourself a swift kick in the rear to stay on track. Persererance is a commitment to keep moving forward toward the vision you’ve created of your best possible life of purpose and passion. Following are 10 tips to help you go the distance, to persevere toward your big-picture vision.

1. Reach out and call a friend for encouragement.

2. Offer to help someone else who’s struggling with one of the same issues you are, whether it’s fitness, parenting, or career problems.

3. Do some uncensored brainstorming with a couple of pals around an issue where you feel stuck.

4. Pick a negative thought or action in which you habitually indulge and commit to stopping today. If you frequently tell yourself or others that you’re fat, decide never to say that again and stick to it. Have your friends and family fine you if you break your rule.

5. Explain one of the tools you’ve learned, like tapping into your creativity, to a child. Then indulge in whatever you’ve described.

6. Become active in a cause or activity that renews your commitment to your own vision. If your vision includes a career change, join a group or class that strengthens that goal.

7. Find a new way to tout your successes. Start a family newsletter to brag about your recent accomplishments. Encourage everyone to join in and make some noise about their successes, too. Start a friends and family trend.

8. Take a break and back off your goals for a couple of days. Rather than kick yourself for slacking off or feeling guilty for not making progress, make a conscious decision that you’re on holiday and enjoy the vacation.

9. Take Sundays off. There’s a reason so many religious groups consider Sunday a day of rest. Try not working, not talking, not driving, or not watching TV one day a week and see how much more focus you can give yourself and your goals.

10. Take a risk. Large or small, try something you never thought you’d have the courage to do, whether it’s making a speech at a Toastmaster’s club, climbing a mountain, taking a ballroom dance class, or bungee jumping.



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