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“Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.” ~ Michael Burke

Recognizing and following what your intuition is telling you may be a valuable tool for you. Intuition can help you see the big picture of your life and can help you take shortcuts and choose the best path. Here are five tips on recognizing your intuition:

Become Aware Notice what you notice. Be calm and still and see what you see at any given moment, notice what you hear, notice the sensations in your body. Just being aware of you and your surroundings as much as possible, will start opening doors to your inner guidance.

Your Intuition Resonates Deep Within You When you get an intuitive insight or message, you will feel it resonate within you. An intuitive person, may have the added gift of physical sensation to what feels right, rather than needing it to be proved through logic. A sudden tingle of energy may resonate within you or you may have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Know that this is you feeling your intuition.

Your Intuition is Positive and Encouraging Your intuition is a positive, encouraging voice, and would never motivate you out of fear. Your intuition will speak in a quiet, positive, encouraging voice or nudge. It speaks softly, so you may have to listen closely to hear it.

Fear is Not Always Intuition On the path of manifesting your dream, when you are experiencing fear, it typically means that in that moment you can not see clearly. You are seeing through filters of the past that want to keep you safe and protected from any pain you experienced in the past. Fear is most often an illusion that holds you back, rather than an intuitive message telling you not to do something.

Intuition is Not Always Black and White Your intuition operates beyond your logical mind, which always thinks in terms of either/or, yes/no. Your intuition recognizes the gray area. It knows that there are infinite choices and paths for you, and that there is really no such thing as a wrong choice. So instead of thinking of your intuition as something that will give you a concrete yes or no, see it as more of a playful thing that can guide you in a more elusive way.

Intuition Is Easier to Recognize the More You Use It Everyone is different, and their intuition speaks to them in different ways. The best way to find out how your intuition works for you is to use it. Just like any other muscle, the intuitive muscle needs to be exercised. Test it out on smaller things like where to go for dinner or try to see if you can tell who’s calling before picking up the phone. Make it fun! When you see your intuition lead you to good results, you will begin to trust yourself and your intuition much more.



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