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“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” ~ Epictetus

We attract abundance into our lives according to how we act. When we are being loving, grateful, open and conscious, we magnetize good things to us on both the spiritual and material planes. To help us be more, we may need initially to do more: to think, feel and act differently. Here are some basic practices that will bring greater abundance to your life as you deepen your attitudes and habits of love and sharing.

Go for what you love. Listen to, express and act on the inspiration of your heart and the energy that arises in your body. Identify your purpose and determine to live it. Act on your passionate emotions as if the abundance and success you seek is already here.

Set intentions. See the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world as abundant and friendly, your intentions are genuine possibilities. Consciously set an intention for whatever you are doing. Identify the need to be filled. Create intentions that inspire you to become more.

Pay attention. Practice higher awareness. Pay careful and continual attention to your thoughts, motives, words, emotions and behavior. View everything from the perspective of a detached observer. Acknowledge and then release any aspects that do not affirm abundance. Focus your attention on what you want for yourself and others, for what we think about, comes about.

Enter into the stillness daily. Meditation, prayer and quiet reflection all offer doorways to strengthen and see ourselves more clearly. In solitude and stillness, we can access the higher parts of ourselves. This higher self can perceive and release the traps and illusions of our thoughts and emotions that affirm separation rather than unity, and fear rather than love. Through awareness, we can experience wholeness and freedom.

Develop your intuition. Intuition is your voice of inner wisdom. It speaks through the body and the mind as a deep knowing. Learn to recognize which messages are intuitive by awakening your awareness. With attention, you will be able to discern your intuitive voice from the normal chatter of your mind. And if you honour those intuitive messages by acting on them, you will open more fully to this powerful inner guidance system.

Value your life and your work. Continually affirm your worthiness to both give and receive. Unconditionally accept who you are in all your ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ qualities. Start appreciating yourself for who you are right now, no matter what! Give effort, dedication and persistence to those activities that will bring the greatest good.

Strive for complete integrity in your life. We achieve integrity when our thoughts, motives, feelings and actions are congruent, in harmony. Once again, we must build our awareness of these different parts of our lives so we will know when they are out of balance.

Cultivate open-hearted appreciation and gratitude. Gratitude is an expression of thanks for having been blessed, for having our needs and desires fulfilled. Through appreciation we express love, which is the magnetic force of the universe. Love and the law of attraction draw abundance to us.

Do You Know The Twelve Laws Of Santa Claus?™


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