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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

Nature is beautiful during autumn. This is the time leaves change their color, trees shed leaves, and the wind gets chillier. Autumn surroundings are serene. There is a celebration of color everywhere. Some of the wonderful outdoor activities to be enjoyed during this season are:

1. Relax Outdoors Really enjoy your deck, balcony, front porch or patio. Take some time to enjoy the weather with a warm cup of coffee. Play a board game with your family during the autumn evenings. You could even relax with a good book. If you have pets, take them with you.

2. Outdoor Events Enjoy the crisp, fresh outdoor air. Take the time to enjoy outdoor concerts, festivals, and art shows. Create your own event like pumpkin carving or apple picking. Fall is a great time to attend or have a yard sale in the cool and brisk air.

3. Fall Sports Autumn is a terrific time for outdoor sports. Whether you enjoy playing football or riding your bike, autumn is a great time for games.

4. Walk Autumn is a good time to take a leisurely walk with a friend, a romantic walk with someone you love, or a brisk walk for exercise. Whatever you choose, walking is a very cool thing to do in the autumn.

5. Camp or Hike Many individuals enjoy camping in the crisp air of autumn. If you’re a camper, then take advantage of your favorite campsite while the leaves are still falling into beautiful puddles of color. Getting out into nature and enjoying the fresh air is one of the best ways to get the most out of the fall months.

6. Decorate Bring the outdoors inside. Nothing puts you in the mood for a season like decorating your home, room or office. Bring in those autumn-colored flowers, pick out some pumpkins, hang that indian corn and make your living space festive!

7. Garden People who have trees in their yards have plenty of fallen leaves to rake up. Help out a neighbor or invite a neighbor to help out with the Fall gardening. Make it a fun affair by dividing the work among friends and offering treats to everyone who helped.

8. Barbecue Some families arrange for garden parties where they host a huge barbecue. Roast your Autumn vegetables on the grill. Bring out the seasonal beer and cider.

9. Picnic Invite friends and family outdoors for a picnic in the park. Bake and cook some autumn favorites to embrace the season! Not only will you enjoy the process, but your friends and family members will love it too.

10. Family Spend the season with your family. Autumn is one of the best times for snuggling. Nothing says cozy like wool socks, sweaters, and a crackling fire. Make the most of the season by staying warm with someone you love. Enjoy each other’s company and have autumn fun together!



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