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“The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with reality.” ~ Byron Katie

Suffering is optional when you question what you believe and stop arguing with what is. That is something I am learning to do for myself and as well as what it means to be fully present in the moment.

For those that believe in Heaven and even those who may not, take a moment and imagine it. If Heaven were the most marvelous place to go where everything was perfect with no suffering, misery or sorrow and you took all the negative thoughts and judgements that you have about yourself and anyone else with you into Heaven where would you be? You would be right here where you are now on Earth.

Anyone can have what is thought of as Heaven right here, right now on Earth by questioning the thoughts that are not working for you and dropping judgement from your life.

Author, Byron Katie explains it in an interview in 3 parts with Oprah here and part 1 is below.



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