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7 Surefire Awesome Steps to Creating Lasting Change ~ Ben Lumley

I’m going to make an assumption here. You being here reading this means that you are chasing a dream of some kind. Being the self-motivated, forward thinking person that you are, I’m going to put myself out on a limb here and say you’d really like to create something that’s lasting, rather than a flash in the pan. We’re always working towards something aren’t we, people like us?

We have these awesome goals and dreams we want to make happen. Do you ever find that they’re a bit kinda….short lived at times? That you wish you could make them last a lifetime rather losing the discipline you once had?

If that’s you, first know that you ain’t alone – we all go there and feel like that.

Here are my 7 surefire awesome steps for creating last change.

1. Get excited

If you’re not excited about this stuff just pack up and go home now. It’s not even worth pursuing if it doesn’t get you so excited you could burst. The basis of lasting change is that it becomes so energy driven that you don’t want to put it down. Before you even do anything else, check that you’re really excited by this. Erms and maybes just won’t cut it here.

2. Write it down

The next step, and one that most people miss because they’re lazy, is to write your goal or goals for change down. Physically record it somewhere in some fashion. Write it, draw it, record it but you must do something about it rather than just holding it in your head. Keep it in your head and your brain will just push it to back in that store cupboard of your mind where it keeps all the other random crap. By writing down what it is you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and by when, you’re taking part in a Psycho Neural Motor Activity which basically means you’re committing your goals to your subconscious mind by the physical act of doing something.

3. Create powerful alternatives

OK, let’s use an example here. You want to quit smoking. You want to change that addictive habit that you have. To drop that habit successfully and create that lasting change, find a more powerful and exciting alternative to your smoking. It might be exercise or some other positive habit. I once heard a woman at a conference say she believed that humans were not habitual. If you look at your life closely you’ll realise yourself that we are. If you’re dropping a habit for good then replace it with some powerful alternative.

4. Find enough reasons

Once you’re written down all your goals and you’ve found some powerful alternatives then the next step is to find enough reasons to make the change happen. Many times people fail on goals because they don’t have another reasons to keep going. If you’re creating lasting change you need to think of all the powerful reasons why. They’ll keep you from going back to how it was before. Write down the reasons to change. You know: the ones that’ll ultimately kill you if you don’t do it, the ones that with cause you to live poor and miserable for the rest of your life and the ones that’ll ruin the lives of others.

5. Be accountable

A great way to really create massive lasting change is to be accountable to someone. Think about it…if you know your boss will break your legs if you don’t hand in that report, you’ll do what it takes won’t you? Well if you’ve got to report to someone about your progress every week or month or maybe every day, you’ll be much more likely to do it. DON’T just pick anyone though. Choose someone to report to who you know will bust your balls on it if you don’t do it. Soft hearted people aren’t much use here sadly. You need someone who’ll pull no punches and who’ll call it as it is. Coaches are great for this. Shout me up if you want to talk more.

6. Celebrate success

Have you ever watched a sports tournament where your favourite team or athlete has to qualify through matches before reaching the final? If you have you’ll know how each game or match becomes more important than the last. But think about it…do they save all their celebrations until they win in the finals? No! They celebrate each win through out the tournament. You need to celebrate your wins, however big or small, on your way to creating lasting change. Have a good day? Celebrate it! Lose 5 pounds this week? Celebrate..good times come on.

7. Have fun

The final piece of the puzzle is to have fun. Having fun is an underrated tool for success. The thing is though, your brain’s biochemistry changes when you’re having fun. You learn more, you’re more motivated and you filter situations and experiences through a positive lens when you can giggle a bit more and enjoy it. What’s the point of creating all this awesome change if you’re going to be miserable doing it? Have more fun and enjoy the ride. You’ll get more out of the change if you do.

Creating change isn’t always easy but it is more straight forward than many people think. Kick off your change today with these 7 steps and watch how your life takes a great new turn.



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